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Bitcoin rate: $ 100,000 this year?

Bitcoin (BTC) has reclaimed $ 50,000 and hit a new high. Even Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff no longer rules out a rate of 100,000 US dollars. The market update.

After the Bitcoin price exceeded the threshold of 50,000 US dollars (USD) for the first time on February 16, profit-taking ensued. Now BTC has conquered the psychologically important brand again – and set a new price record at USD 50,900.

Survey: Bitcoin skepticism predominates among companies

Since the US company Microstrategy announced its Bitcoin Investor coup in late summer 2020, the number of imitators has been increasing. Above all, Elon Musk’s decision to invest part of the Tesla reserve in BTC had recently given the Bitcoin price a fresh boost. Microstrategy itself announced new Bitcoin purchases on February 16, as also reported by BTC-ECHO .

Nevertheless, the majority of financial executives in the economy still seem to be more skeptical about Bitcoin. According to a recently published survey by the market research company Gartner, only 5 percent of the CFOs surveyed can imagine investing in BTC with their company in 2021. Of the 77 financial managers surveyed (including 50 CFOs), 84 percent named the large fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin as the biggest stumbling block that made them shy away from investing in digital gold.

Eighty-four percent of respondents said Bitcoin’s volatility poses a financial risk. It would be extremely difficult to mitigate the kind of price volatility that the cryptocurrency has seen over the past five years.

Alexander Bant, Chief of Research at Gartner Finance

38 percent of those surveyed also complained about the slow adaptation of Bitcoin as a means of payment.

After all: 16 percent plan to hold BTC one day. Five percent want to get into Bitcoin as early as 2021. Only one percent have such intentions for the period 2022-2023. Nine percent are not considering a BTC investment before 2024.

Companies from the technology sector in particular are bullish. Every second company is planning a Bitcoin investment here. Against the background that with Microstrategy, Square and Tesla, technology companies in particular have discovered BTC as a reserve asset, this seems logical.

Bitcoin rally brings record profits

One thing is certain: the overwhelming majority are currently doing good business with Bitcoin. The average net profit on BTC transactions is hovering at levels that even the bull run of late 2017 is fading. This is shown by data from the blockchain analysis service provider Glassnode.

Artificial Intelligence Says Bitcoin Has a „Bright Future

AI has read the entire Wikipedia in Portuguese and learned to invent people, cities and historical events.

„Buy Bitcoin little by little“, that’s advice you’d expect to hear from someone who’s inside the cryptomarket and gives advice on digital currency, right? However, the phrase was written by an artificial intelligence, who still stated that „the future of Bitcoin is bright“.

The AI response came after a test performed by a Reddit user, identified as kmh4500. The Reddit, who attends a lot of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence subforums decided to ask the AI with pre-trained model what it thinks about Bitcoin.

Interestingly, the artificial intelligence’s opinion about the world’s largest cryptomeda is quite positive, and they even recommended that one buy Bitcoin, but with the strategy of buying little by little to be less exposed to volatility.

„Do not buy Bitcoin at once. Buy bit by bit because it will help you to prevent sudden price spikes“.

AI bitcoin

The AI used by the user was based on GPT-2, a neural network developed by OpenAI that gained a lot of attention because of its incredible capacity to generate texts that at first sight seem to be written by humans.

The system has been trained with eight million text documents extracted from the Internet and responds to text excerpts provided by users.

GPT-2 has read the entire Wikipedia in Portuguese and learned how to invent people, cities and historical events.

The artificial intelligence advice about Bitcoin does not stop there. It also speculates a little about what the future of the currency will look like, more specifically about what the asset value will look like in the long term.

AI has highlighted how Bitcoin has the potential to continue growing and how this can be a great opportunity to have a more protected portfolio.

„In the long term, Bitcoin will still be a highly valuable asset and its portfolio can become very healthy.

It is up to you to stop and think about this possibility“.

Artificial Intelligence has similar opinion to Bitcoin analysts

Ok, the opinion of artificial intelligence is not one of the most original out there, that’s because it learns by analyzing various articles and opinions on the Internet through machine learning.

With this, the answer is a compilation of what she has read countless times on the internet.

And as you can imagine, the advice to invest in Bitcoin little by little, instead of a single purchase is already traditional among the teachings to buy the digital currency.

Moreover, optimism about the price in the long term is at a constant high, with many still forecasting more gains during 2021 and 2022.

But while this is a relatively generic answer, it is a great study to demonstrate a general consensus among thousands, perhaps millions of opinions, filtered through the incomparable processing of artificial intelligence.

With this, we have one more piece of advice on how to invest in Bitcoin in the future. The opinion of Artificial Intelligence.

I manifestanti del Campidoglio degli Stati Uniti hanno ricevuto 500.000 dollari di donazione Bitcoin dalla Francia

Un blogger francese senza nome ha inviato una donazione Bitcoin del valore di oltre 500.000 dollari ai manifestanti un mese prima dell’assedio del Campidoglio, secondo Chainalysis.

15 gennaio 2021 | AtoZ Markets – Prima che i manifestanti prendessero d’assalto il Campidoglio americano l’8 dicembre, qualcuno ha effettuato pagamenti di 28,15 bitcoin, per un valore di 522.000 dollari a 22 diversi portafogli virtuali. Questa rivelazione è stata fatta in un post del blog pubblicato da Chainalysis.

Chainalysis è una startup newyorkese specializzata nella lotta al riciclaggio di denaro sporco e alle frodi nello spazio della moneta digitale. Dalle ricerche di Chainalysis, la maggior parte di questi portafogli appartengono ad attivisti di estrema destra e a personalità di internet.
Le donazioni di France Bitcoin Revolution hanno alimentato i manifestanti che hanno preso d’assalto il Campidoglio

Secondo una fonte a conoscenza della questione, la sospetta transazione dell’8 dicembre ha spinto le forze dell’ordine e i servizi segreti a indagare sulle fonti di finanziamento delle persone che hanno partecipato all’insurrezione in Campidoglio, nonché sulle loro reti.

Secondo una ricerca condotta da Chainanalysis, la fonte del finanziamento sembra essere un programmatore di computer con sede in Francia che ha creato un account nel 2013 – e che ha tenuto un blog personale, che non è stato aggiornato tra il 2014 e il 9 dicembre 2020, il giorno dopo le „donazioni“.

Chainalysis ha detto di avere ora la prova che molti gruppi e personalità di alt-destra hanno ricevuto grandi donazioni Bitcoin come parte della singola transazione.

„Abbiamo anche raccolto prove che suggeriscono fortemente che il donatore era un programmatore di computer ormai deceduto con sede in Francia“, ha detto Chainalysis nel rapporto.

Nick Fuentes, che l’anno scorso è stato definitivamente sospeso da YouTube per un discorso di odio, ha ricevuto 13,5 bitcoin, del valore di circa 250.000 dollari al momento del trasferimento, il che lo rende di gran lunga il più grande beneficiario della donazione, secondo il post del blog.

Gruppi estremisti sostenuti da donazioni in valuta criptata

Uno dei modi in cui i gruppi estremisti hanno fatto soldi negli ultimi anni è online attraverso la crittovaluta e il crowdfunding. Bitcoin, che è stato rilasciato online in forma anonima nel 2009 come software open-source, esiste solo virtualmente.

Non utilizza una banca centrale o un amministratore per erogare fondi, né il governo lo controlla o lo distribuisce. Mentre il prezzo del Bitcoin ha fluttuato in valore negli ultimi anni, e continua a farlo, ha guadagnato popolarità intorno al 2017, lo stesso anno la figura di spicco dell’alt-destra Richard Spencer ha twittato: „Il Bitcoin è la moneta dell’alt-destra“.

Los estrategas de JPMorgan predicen que el precio de Bitcoin superará los 146.000 dólares a largo plazo.

Bitcoin, la divisa más digital por capitalización de mercado, ha seguido dando pasos agigantados desde que rompió su anterior máximo histórico de unos 20.000 dólares, fijado a finales de la carrera alcista de 2017.

Este activo centrado en la privacidad, limitado y parecido al oro ha llamado la atención tanto de los comerciantes minoristas como de los institucionales.

Aquellos que en el pasado han hablado mal de Bitcoin se han replanteado la cuestión y han llegado a la conclusión de que Bitcoin es realmente valioso y sigue siendo el mejor retorno de la inversión de la última década, según muestra el informe.

Uno de ellos es JPMorgan. El director ejecutivo del banco de inversión multinacional Jamie Dimon en 2017 llamó a bitcoin ‚un fraude‘. La compañía, en su conjunto, fue el „mayor enemigo“ de bitcoin en un momento dado. Después de considerarlo detenidamente, JPMorgan se ha volcado no sólo en bitcoin sino en las criptodivisas en su conjunto.

El precio de Bitcoin superará los 146.000 dólares; los milenios le ayudarán a crecer

Como bitcoin sigue atrayendo a inversores de todo tipo, JPMorgan cree que la clase de activo, a largo plazo, tendrá un precio superior a 146.000 dólares.

En una publicación publicada el lunes 4 de enero de 2021, los principales estrategas de JPMorgan liderados por Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou describieron cómo bitcoin está en estrecha competencia con el oro. Esto, dicen, es bueno para Bitcoin a largo plazo.

Los estrategas también señalan en el informe que una cantidad sustancial de inversiones, más de 7.000 millones de dólares, ha salido del ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) de Bitcoin desde mediados de octubre. Por otro lado, el Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), un vehículo de inversión tradicional con un título compartido a nombre de los inversores, ha recibido más de 3.000 millones de dólares en el mismo periodo de tiempo.

Según estos datos, esto es positivo para Bitcoin, y el activo podría ser el instrumento de inversión más preferido, a largo plazo.

Como opinan los estrategas, otra estadística vital, que ayudará a acelerar el crecimiento de bitcoins es que los milenios prefieren el ‚oro digital‘, el bitcoin, al ‚oro tradicional‘. Esto se debe a que los milenios están acostumbrados a la tecnología y encontrarán las inversiones digitales más excitantes que apilar barras y monedas de oro tradicionales.

Por estas razones, se ha establecido un precio teórico de bitcoin de más de 146.000 dólares para Bitcoin a largo plazo. Sin embargo, los analistas consideran que este objetivo de precio es insostenible para el año 2021.

Europeisk stil Bitcoin-alternativ finns nu tillgängliga på Binance

Det ledande kryptobörsen, Binance, lanserade just Vanilla Bitcoin Options i europeisk stil.

Utbytet genomförde redan tester efter att ha samlat idéer och tankar från allmänheten.

Kontrakten kommer att avvecklas i USDT, och eftersom de är i europeisk stil kan detta bara ske på ett förutbestämt datum.

Bitcoin Circuit har nyligen nått en ny ATH till 28 288 dollar, vilket gör Bitcoin till det största och mer populära än någonsin. Den ledande kryptobörsen , Binance , reagerade med ett drag som kommer att ge ännu mer intresse för Bitcoin-handel genom att lansera Vanilla Bitcoin-optioner i europeisk stil och meddela att de måste avvecklas den dag kontrakten går ut.

Binance har redan genomfört tester

Binances nya kontrakt värderas och avvecklas i det ledande stablecoin, Tether (USDT). Med dessa kontrakt syftar utbytet till att locka institutionella investerare som kanske inte vill äga Bitcoin, men som säkert kan dra nytta av myntets senaste prisuppgång.

Binance höll redan en testnätversion av den nya produkten under hela november i år. Innan dess spenderade börsen tid på att samla tankarna om den nya produkten från allmänheten, om saker som marginalhandel och riskkontroll.

Börsens VD Changpeng Zhao berättade om lanseringen av den nya produkten och noterade att det för närvarande finns ett stort behov av sådana innovativa produkter. Bitcoins pris har tredubblats sedan oktober i år, och det finns stor potential för många människor att använda detta till sin fördel och tjäna. Tyvärr är många av dessa människor och institutioner inte intresserade av att hålla mynten. Med tillgängliga Bitcoin-alternativ behöver de inte.

Vad är Bitcoin-alternativ i europeisk stil?

Själva optionerna är derivatkontrakt som vanligtvis används i traditionell finansiering. De tillåter handlare att säkra mot stora prisfluktuationer och tjäna pengar även om priserna faller.

Detta är perfekt för kryptovalutafältet, där priserna tenderar att gå upp och ner ganska starkt på grund av stor volatilitet. Handlare kan välja att välja köpoptioner om de vill köpa den underliggande tillgången (i det här fallet Bitcoin) eller säljoptioner om de vill ha rätt att sälja. Alternativ ger dem rätten, men inte skyldigheten, att göra något av dem, beroende på typ av kontrakt.

Nu kan alternativ i europeisk stil köras vid det förutbestämda datumet. Under tiden betyder „vanilj“ att kontrakten är väldigt enkla och enkla. Alternativ i europeisk stil skiljer sig från alternativ i amerikansk stil på grund av att amerikanska optioner också kan utföras före det förutbestämda datumet. Binance erbjuder redan dessa alternativ, och nu har det också lagt till den andra typen.

A maior universidade do México adiciona curso que apresenta o aprendizado criptográfico

A maior e mais prestigiosa universidade da América Latina, a Universidade Nacional Autônoma do México (UNAM), com sede na Cidade do México, lançará um curso de Engenharia Financeira – com módulos que supostamente cobrem assuntos como criptografia e tecnologia de cadeias de bloqueios.

Em seu boletim de dezembro, a UNAM explicou que seu novo curso duraria dois semestres no caso de alunos em tempo integral, com alunos em tempo parcial precisando freqüentar por um período de quatro semestres.

Per Criptonóticias, o curso, segundo informações, verá os alunos observarem como o criptograma e bitcoin bank e a cadeia de bloqueio são usados nos mercados financeiros.

E a literatura da UNAM explica,

„Os graduados [do curso] poderão avaliar a rentabilidade das empresas públicas e privadas e desenvolver estratégias de financiamento. [Eles aprenderão] a projetar, desenvolver e implementar instrumentos e processos financeiros inovadores, projetar carteiras de investimento, medir o risco financeiro e muito mais“.

A universidade declarou que o curso está sendo direcionado a estudantes que se formaram em engenharia, matemática e assuntos relacionados a estatística, embora „graduados de outras matérias relacionadas também possam se aplicar“.

O curso é fruto da criação de uma série de departamentos separados na UNAM, a saber, a Faculdade de Engenharia e as faculdades de Ciências, Direito e Estudos Superiores.

A mudança marcará uma estreia histórica para as universidades latino-americanas, marcando uma estreia para aprender sobre criptologia nas cadeiras de nível de elite do ensino superior na região.

Fundada em 1910, a UNAM construiu uma reputação internacional nos campos da robótica, ciência da computação e matemática – e todos os três ganhadores do Prêmio Nobel do México completaram seus estudos de graduação na universidade.

China urged the G20 to form a single standard for government digital currencies.

The rapid development of the digitalisation of international economies needs to be regulated in accordance with the uniform Central Bank Digital Currency Standards (CBDC). This was stated by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 Summit.

In his opinion, the countries of the world need to develop „open and friendly“ principles for developing national digital currencies.

„The G20 needs to discuss the development of standards and principles for digital currencies of central banks with an open and friendly approach, and properly deal with all types of Bitcoin Trader risks and problems, collectively seeking to develop an international monetary system,“ said Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping did not specify any details on a possible CBDC development standard.

China is one of the leaders in the digitization of the economy. The digital yuan developed by the local CBDC has already passed public testing in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, where residents have managed to spend about 8.8 million yuan ($1.34 million).

Meanwhile, Russia is also conducting public consultations on the issue of the digital ruble. In October, the Bank of Russia announced an assessment of the opportunities and prospects for the production of the digital rouble in close contact with society.

Analyse des tendances BTC / USDT: Bitcoin corrige alors que le marché s’effondre

Bitcoin tombe sous la barre des 17000 dollars alors que le marché de la cryptographie au sens large voit le rouge.

Le volume des transactions atteint plus de six fois la moyenne à mesure que les traders capitulent.

Une forte correction a eu lieu mais le BTC / USDT reste haussier à moyen terme

BTC / USDT a ouvert la période de négociation à 19150,22 USD. Il a atteint un plus haut pas trop loin de cette ouverture de 19 327,80 USD (+ 0,93%), avant de reculer significativement à un plus bas de 16 334,00 USD (-14,71%). Au moment de la rédaction de cet article, le Bitcoin Code a de nouveau augmenté à 17.146,72, 10,46% en dessous de l’ouverture de la période de négociation.

Le volume total des transactions de BTC / USDT au cours de cette période de négociation était de 144 129 BTC, soit une augmentation de plus de 50% par rapport au volume de négociation de la période de négociation précédente de 93 267 BTC.

L’indice de volatilité historique (HVI), mesurait 97,71 (haut-moyen) au cours de cette période de négociation, contre 52,12 (moyen) au cours de la période de négociation précédente

Après avoir ouvert à 19150,22 USD et atteint un sommet de 19327,80 USD (+ 0,93%) peu de temps après, BTC / USDT a abandonné le contrôle aux baisses et a entamé une forte correction, plongeant dans une zone de support précédemment établie entre 18 555,63 USD et 18 399,41 USD.

Il est ensuite passé à 18 915,03 USD, avant de franchir cette zone de support peu de temps après pour atteindre une zone de support précédemment établie entre 17 774,68 USD et 17 424,57 USD. Après quelques tentatives infructueuses pour utiliser cette zone comme base, le BTC / USDT a poursuivi sa baisse jusqu’au plus bas de la période de 16 334,00 USD, faisant la baisse maximale de cette période -14,71%.

Au moment de la rédaction de cet article, le BTC / USDT est remonté à 17.146,77 USD.

US$ 1 trillion market capitalization is „next big thing“ for Bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin is clearly up towards big gains, argues Mike McGlone while the $16,000 is quickly recovered.

Market capitalization of $1 trillion is „next big thing“ for BitcoinNOTÍCIAS DO MARCADO

The Bitcoin (BTC) reaching its all-time record of US$20,000 again is not the end, but the beginning of its explosion to become a US$1 trillion asset, a senior Bloomberg analyst said.

In a tweet on Nov. 16, while the BTC/USD was recovering US$16,000, Mike McGlone, senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, presented a new bullish forecast for the largest cryptomeda.

Bloomberg Intelligence: BTC to Continue Growth in 2021
Bitcoin registered lower levels over the weekend, falling briefly to $15,800, before rising visibly on Monday to see highs of $16,400 by the time this article was published.

„$20,000 for #Bitcoin is the main obstacle until it reaches $1 trillion market capitalization – the digital version of #ouro, but with more limited supply and a history of adding zeros, seems to be at an early stage of price discovery and may simply continue its rise in 2021,“ McGlone wrote.

„Adoption by the mainstream is growing.“

Market value of Bitcoin vs. historical price chart. Source: Mike McGlone/ Twitter
An attached graph described a market value of US$1 trillion as the „next big thing“ for Bitcoin.

McGlone is known for his increasingly positive outlook for Bitcoin. As reported by the Cointelegraph in September, he argued that Bitcoin should indeed be traded at $15,000 based on active addresses, something that soon became a reality.

Brandt signals a bullish market still in its early stages
McGlone is far from being the only market veteran who is doubling the lucrative outlook for Bitcoin in its current bullish market.

On Monday, trader Peter Brandt suggested that based on the previous bullish markets of 2013 and 2017, the current price performance was just the beginning of the cycle.

„During the 2015-2017 Bitcoin $ BTC bullish market, there were 9 significant corrections with the following averages: 37% drop from high to low, 14 weeks from an all-time high to the next,“ he explained.

„Since the low in early September, there have been two 10% corrections.

The Bitcoin bullish market characteristics chart highlighted by Peter Brandt. Source: Peter Brandt/ Twitter
Statistician Willy Woo also believes that there is much more mileage left in the current upward trend. His argument was based on Bitcoin’s relative strength index (RSI), which he described as „just warming up“.

In addition to Bitcoin circles, a Citibank market analyst announced this week that he predicted a price of $318,000 for Bitcoin in December of next year.

Bitcoin finder en ny konvertent i den tidligere australske senator, der mener „Bitcoin er den tusindårsversion af guld“

Et tidligere medlem af det australske senat slutter sig til Bitcoin-vognen og med et brag.

Den tidligere senator Cory Bernardi har været en temmelig kontroversiel figur i sine dage som senator. Han er kendt for sine synspunkter mod ethvert forsøg på at introducere noget, der kan gøre hans land til et marxistisk samfund. I januar trådte han tilbage fra senatet for at danne sit eget konservative politiske parti kaldet australske konservative.

Tweeting den 10. november proklamerede Cory sin interesse i BTC-markedet og sagde, at han blev Bitcoin-konverter for 2 år siden. Han fortsatte med at sammenligne Bitcoin med en guldversion i de fleste årtusindes øjne. Det er en kendt kendsgerning, at nogle årtusinder har undgået kryptoer tidligere, men en ny tidevand ser ud til at skylle over dem og ændre synspunkter til støtte for kryptoer som Bitcoin.
Risici samme som andre aktiver

Der har været rygter og usikkerheder fra anti-Bitcoin-fraktioner i den finansielle verden. Warren Buffett er en af ​​dem.

Disse mennesker er af den opfattelse, at Bitcoin er værdiløs, og at investere i det er risikabelt. Ifølge Cory er Bitcoin dog bare et aktiv som ethvert andet, og de risici, der er involveret i det, er de samme som dem, der er involveret i andre aktivklasser.

“Mere sund fornuft, end de fleste mennesker kan håndtere”

Cory driver nu et websted, hvor medlemmer abonnerer for at få indsigt i hans specielle meninger i forskellige sager.

Han hævder, at hans regelmæssige nyhedsbrev tilbyder mere sund fornuft, end de fleste mennesker kan klare. Cory roser Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano for hans dybe og klare forståelse af BTC-markedet.
Dækker Bitcoin

Cory er nu begyndt at dele indsigt i Bitcoin-markedet gennem sit fortrolige samfund. I en tweet sagde han, at hans websted for nylig dækkede Bitcoin i lyset af den aktuelle valgcyklus, og hvordan det påvirker kryptos marked.