Zcoin introduces new Development Fund that increases Block Rewards percentage

Zcoin (XZC), the „privacy currency“, revealed the new distribution of Block Rewards that the project will introduce after halving in September after more than a year of discussion in the crypto community.

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The funds will go towards the network infrastructure and core development of the project, including research into new privacy protocols and development of the digital „wallet“.

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Zcoin to publish Block Reward allocations after halving

After September’s halving, 12.5 XZC will be produced per block. 50% or 6.25 XZC will be distributed to the miners, while 35% of 4,275 XZC will go to the Znodes, and the remaining 15% or 1,875 XZC will be diverted to the Zcoin Development Fund.

After two years, the community will review the allocation of funds from the development of this project „to evaluate its need and amount“ – with discussions to begin 18 months after the halving.

Currently, only 6% of the 25 XZC earned per block is diverted to the Development Fund, with 8% going to the founders and seeds, 30% to the Znodes and 56% to the miners.