Artificial Intelligence Says Bitcoin Has a „Bright Future

AI has read the entire Wikipedia in Portuguese and learned to invent people, cities and historical events.

„Buy Bitcoin little by little“, that’s advice you’d expect to hear from someone who’s inside the cryptomarket and gives advice on digital currency, right? However, the phrase was written by an artificial intelligence, who still stated that „the future of Bitcoin is bright“.

The AI response came after a test performed by a Reddit user, identified as kmh4500. The Reddit, who attends a lot of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence subforums decided to ask the AI with pre-trained model what it thinks about Bitcoin.

Interestingly, the artificial intelligence’s opinion about the world’s largest cryptomeda is quite positive, and they even recommended that one buy Bitcoin, but with the strategy of buying little by little to be less exposed to volatility.

„Do not buy Bitcoin at once. Buy bit by bit because it will help you to prevent sudden price spikes“.

AI bitcoin

The AI used by the user was based on GPT-2, a neural network developed by OpenAI that gained a lot of attention because of its incredible capacity to generate texts that at first sight seem to be written by humans.

The system has been trained with eight million text documents extracted from the Internet and responds to text excerpts provided by users.

GPT-2 has read the entire Wikipedia in Portuguese and learned how to invent people, cities and historical events.

The artificial intelligence advice about Bitcoin does not stop there. It also speculates a little about what the future of the currency will look like, more specifically about what the asset value will look like in the long term.

AI has highlighted how Bitcoin has the potential to continue growing and how this can be a great opportunity to have a more protected portfolio.

„In the long term, Bitcoin will still be a highly valuable asset and its portfolio can become very healthy.

It is up to you to stop and think about this possibility“.

Artificial Intelligence has similar opinion to Bitcoin analysts

Ok, the opinion of artificial intelligence is not one of the most original out there, that’s because it learns by analyzing various articles and opinions on the Internet through machine learning.

With this, the answer is a compilation of what she has read countless times on the internet.

And as you can imagine, the advice to invest in Bitcoin little by little, instead of a single purchase is already traditional among the teachings to buy the digital currency.

Moreover, optimism about the price in the long term is at a constant high, with many still forecasting more gains during 2021 and 2022.

But while this is a relatively generic answer, it is a great study to demonstrate a general consensus among thousands, perhaps millions of opinions, filtered through the incomparable processing of artificial intelligence.

With this, we have one more piece of advice on how to invest in Bitcoin in the future. The opinion of Artificial Intelligence.