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The Story and Songs of Jaya

Maria Luisa Ramsey- Gotidoc is “The Queen of Soul” as what Filipinos garnered her. She is known as Jaya by the folks. Different genres she engages to, ranging from Soul to pop, dance to RnB to OPM songs. She was known first as Luisa Ramsey until an American producer named her Jaya. She’s been active since year 1996 until today hosting different TV shows.

Born by an Afro-Jamaican comedienne and singer Elizabeth Ramsey, she barely knew the existence of her father. She was born on March 21, 1969 in Negros Occidental with three other siblings Ike, Anna, and Susan. Her father left them after seven years of relationship with her mother.

Her exposure to show business begins as a back-up dancer of her mother at the age of 10 but she started giving solo performances at the age of 20 as Luisa Ramsey. Because of her busy lifestyle, Jaya did not finished high school but became the class president because of her high grades in school.

On June 1985, Elizabeth Ramsey decided to leave and went to U.S. together with Jaya. Jaya continues her singing career and performed together with Tillie Moreno, Eddie Mercado, Lerma dela Cruz and Reycards. Jaya and her other stayed in different cities in California. Jaya landed a job as back-up vocalist of a group “Stevie B” in New York with her friend after running away from home in 1988 right after finishing high school. She then moved to Florida where she was offered to finalize her album which has been started by another artist. She signed a record deal on February 1989 with LMR Records. An American producer named her Jaya on signing her record deal.

She released her first self-titled album in U.S. “If You Leave Me Now”, her first single was a success as is was subsequently released to Top 40 radio stations in U.S. The single entered the Billboard Hot 100 October of 1989 and peaked 44 and remained Top 100 pop singles chart for 26 weeks. The song was top 20 in different cities as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco according to Billboard Magazine. Her powerful vocals and other elements gave her opportunities to work across U.S. together with many other artists.

Jaya went back to California to be closer with her mother after four years in Florida. She kept performing there especially to Filipino community. It was on 1995 that opportunity took a better turn for Jaya’s musical career. Pilita Corales, “Asia’s Queen of Songs” discovered her ability when performing an opening act and asked her to sign a record deal with VIVA Records in Manila. Jaya went back to Philippines and signed with VIVA Records on March 1995. Jaya released her first local album under Viva Records. This self-titled album was released on 1996.

She won the first place of her interpretation of “Sometimes You Just Know” in 1996 Metropop Song Festival. You Lift Me Up, composed by Danny Tan won as Best Song Award and Jaya as the Best Interpreter at Asia Song Festival in Hong Kong on February of 1997. Jaya’s songs flooded the airwaves and in different radio stations. Her albums were considered the best sellers according to store records nationwide.

Jaya already released several album as In The Raw (1997), Kung Kailan Pasko (1998), A Love Album, Honesty(1999), Five: Greatest Hits (2000), Unleashed ( 2001), Fall In Love Again (2005) and Cool Change (2007) as her latest album.

She was chosen as one of the judges in “Pinoy Pop Superstar”, GMA Network’s top rating talent search which lasted for 3 straight years. In 2007, Cool Change was released under new label, GMA Records with its first single, “Is It Over?”.

She is currently enjoying her permanent stay in All Star K! The P1,000,000 Videoke Challenge every Sunday evening and Sunday noontime variety show, SOP Rules.

She was married to Gary Gotindoc and bore him a daughter “Sabriya”.


  • Jaya (U.S.)
  • Jaya (Philippines)
  • In The Raw
  • Kung Kailan Pasko
  • A Love Album
  • Honesty
  • Five: Greatest Hits
  • Unleashed
  • Fall In Love Again
  • Cool Change

    Songs of Jaya

    1. Laging Naron Ka
    2. Sometimes You Just Know
    3. Dahil Nga Ba Sa Kanya
    4. Wala Na Bang Pag-ibig
    5. Dito Sa Puso Ko
    6. Ikaw Lamang
    7. May Bukas Bang Naghihintay
    8. If You Leave Me Now
    9. Where Do We Go From Here
    10. Hanggang Ngayo’y Mahal
    11. Dahil Tanging Ikaw
    12. I Won’t Let You Go Again
    13. I Still Believe In Love
    14. Sana Maulit Muli
    15. Honesty
    16. Mula Sa Puso
    17. Umasa Nang Labis
    18. Ako’y Sa’yo
    19. I Just Fall In Love Again
    20. Di Na Ba Kita Mapipigilan
    21. Is It Over?

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